New Half Day Workshop for 2018

Surviving Workplace Bullying Half Day Workshop.

Many people believe bullying only happened on the playground.  Unfortunately research has shown that that isn’t the case and the number of people reporting bullying in the workplace is growing daily.  

Bullying can be defined in many different ways and whether it is non-verbal, verbal or even psychological, the effects are dire.  Working in such an unhealthy environment has a negative impact on you and your work-life.  The effects of long-term bullying, include anxiety disorder, depression, shame, guilt, confusion, a sense of isolation, anger and an inability to think rationally.
This half day workshop aims to open up awareness of bullying in the workplace on every level.  It equips you with the skills to identify bullying in all its forms, to  understand where bullying behaviour originates, how to handle it and to create a solution.   
“Surviving Workplace Bullying” has been designed by Lauren Davis, an associate of Symphonia.  She is a “Flawless Consulting” and “Time To Think” facilitator and has designed the “Conscious Leadership” workshop that we offer.  During her extensive work as a clinical psychologist in the corporate world, Lauren noticed the increase in workplace bullying and harassment.  She believed that something needed to be done to assist those battling this ever growing pattern and has developed this powerful half-day workshop.
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