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New Neuro-Wise Leadership Half Day Workshop for 2018

A new lens on trust, passion and performance.

“Many companies emphasize the economic impact of trust within high performance organisations.
Many studies show that productivity, income and profits are directly negatively or positively impacted
depending on the levels of trust within the company.” 
 –  Brent Gleeson, Journalist, Forbes

High Trust = High Profit

This half day workshop is aimed at giving insight into the business case for trust and ethical leadership; how to build a high trust relationship:

  • Give you a new perspective on how to impact business success through simple principles of the brain.
  • Provide insight how trust can accelerate respect, results, revenue and reputation.
  • The impact of fear-based management on performance.
  • The brain’s perspective on trust, and what it takes to develop it.
  • How an intelligent approach to managing the social brain can save your career.

Lynn Andriés has a MSc, from Middlesex University and is CEO of Symbiota Leadership Institute. She is a PhD. student at UCT’s Graduate School of Business, focusing on the currency of trust and is a guest lecturer on the subject of the Neuroscience of Resilience. She shares her personal experience in overcoming major obstacles, aspiring toward helping others lead a full, purpose-driven life.  

Through her research, Lynn has turned her work into an opportunity to share her knowledge and experience on how to leverage the power of trust. This workshop is directed at HR executives, organisational heads, managers, consultants or anyone who recognises a need for improvement  in trust, ethical leadership and performance in their organisations and teams.

To book or for more information, please click here.