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Neuro-Wise Leadership Intro

High trust companies are able to outperform their closest competitors by up to 288%
                              - Watson Wyatt; Great Place to Work Institute and Russel Investment Group
High Trust - High Profit
Most organisational leaders however, find the building of trust between leaders and teams elusive. People don’t know what trust is, or how to grow it.  Recent findings on the brain’s operating principles present a fresh lens on leadership and trust-building. We have an exciting opportunity to specifically and directly improve interpersonal and organisational trust, engage people and profoundly enhance profitability.   We do after all, lead brain-to-brain. 
This two hour introductory session is a "taster" of the two day workshop. You will leave with a fresh perspective accelerating results, revenue and reputation.
You will gain an awareness of...
  • The business case for trust and ethical leadership.
  • The impact of fear-based management on performance.
  • The brain’s perspective on trust, and what it takes to develop it.
  • How an intelligent approach to managing the social brain can save careers.
Delegates can expect to leave the session inspired and equipped with a practical, brain-friendly tool for influencing trust in both the workplace and personal environments.
Who should attend:
  • HR executives, organisational heads, managers and consultants.
  • Anyone who recognises  a need for improvement  in  trust, ethical leadership and performance in their organisations and teams.  
More about Lynn

Lynn Andriés has a MSc. from Middlesex University and is CEO of Symbiota Leadership Institute. She  is a PhD. student at UCT’s Graduate School of Business, focusing on the currency of trust and is a guest lecturer on the subject of the Neuroscience of Resilience. She shares her personal experience in overcoming major obstacles, aspiring toward helping others lead a full, purpose-driven life.  She has contributed to board membership, senior roles in multinationals and has been credited for innovative approaches to talent development in the leadership arena. Lynn has applied a neuroscientific lens on Performance Management in an article recently published in the International Journal of Education Management.  Other articles have been published in nationally syndicated newspapers such as The Star, The Mercury and The Argus.

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Public Workshops

Cape Town  
17 October 2017  (sold out)  
Atlantic Imbizo, V&A Waterfront  

Time   09:00 - 11:00    Investment   R350.00 Excl VAT  
    (08:30 registration)          

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In-house Workshops

Our recommendation is that this intervention should be run as part of your in-house management development curriculum at a venue and on a date that is convenient for you!

For more information about this cost-effective option, please contact Kym on 082 453 9393 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.